Erm, how do I vote for you exactly?

Scuba diving, Marsa Alam, EgyptI’ve had such fantastic support from friends, family and followers since I submitted my entry to The Best Dive Job in the World but I’ve been hearing people are finding it really hard to vote for me.

As it’s so important I get your votes (I won’t be packing my bags for Bali otherwise) I thought I’d publish a quick ‘How to send Karli to Bali’ guide. The competition is running now to the end of February 2011 – so now is the time to shine and show the organisers I have people behind me who think I’d be the best person to win this awesome prize! Woop woo!
Right, the dealio is: you can vote on their website and on YouTube.

So WATCH my video on the Best Dive Job website and leave comments saying how fantastically smashing I am (ahem) and that I am the one they want to send to Bali.

Just click on the number of comments next to my name and scroll down to the bottom where it says ‘Leave a Comment’.

If you don’t have a WordPress account, it only takes 30 seconds to register! It can be your good deed for the day – but if you see an old lady struggling to cross the road, still help her anyway even if you’ve voted for me.

You can do that here

WATCH my video on YouTube and like it – and again, kiss my bottom until it’s pink enough to WIN! You need a Google account for that – only takes a moment to register. You can do that here.

You can also ‘like’ my Facebook page and join my little community of supporters who would also like to see the back of me.

Comment, post, like, tweet… all of it helps me to win this once-in-a-lifetime prize. I of course would be keeping you updated on how I’m finding life on Bali every day through a video blog so you can see exactly what you helped me to do!

Huge huge thank you.

I would like, at this point, to thank Miss Fifi Campbell. Without her, I couldn’t have taken the step to change my life! She patiently shot my crazy ideas and took them all on with enthusiasm and didn’t tell me no Karli Drinkwater, you are bonkers. So thank you so much for your efforts and skill. There’s a Bali holiday in it for you if I win!


Send Adventure Girl Karli to Bali for The Best Dive Job in the World!

Correct, right, just, spot on, dead on, bang on, bob on, yes my son! Just a few ways to describe Blue Season Bali’s decision if they pick me for the Best Dive Job in the World!

I’ve entered a life-changing competition run by dive centre Blue Season Bali to train as a PADI instructor for 7 months on the paradise island of Bali – and it’s down to you lovelies to help me win!

You can watch my video entry here:

All you have to do is click on the number of comments next to my name and scroll down to the bottom where it says ‘Leave a Comment’.

If you don’t have a WordPress account, it only takes 30 seconds to register! And just think, you’d be doing a good deed for the day. It is Christmas after all…

Green Sea Turtle, Marsa Alam

So why do I want to wave goodbye to good ol’ Blighty’s shores for 7 months to live and dive in Bali? This is the perfect cue for strings and a sob story, but my life isn’t the X Factor so I will tell you straight and honestly (if you don’t get the X Factor where you live, it’s a popular televised singing contest and regularly features emotional music when candidates cry through their reasons for wanting to win… They’re generally something along the lines of doing it for their cat, who lost a leg in a lawnmower accident).

I want to change my life and become a PADI instructor with Blue Season Bali because I have an adventurous spirit that is just bursting to soak up the world. It’s not right keeping me cooped up in an office like a battery hen. I need to be out there, discovering, exploring, making a difference. And what better way is there to do that than bring the unrivalled joy and exhilaration of diving to others?

For new visitors to the site, my dive love story began in Bali… actually. Being unqualified at that point, we couldn’t go deeper than 12m, but who cared? I saw so much life at 5m and kept looking at my boyfriend with huge happy eyes. I knew then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. On surfacing the instructor said: “You’re a fish. You belong in the water.” I know!

My dedication to diving and adventure shines through because of my determination and dogged-mindedness. Diving is an expensive sport/hobby/passion/reason for getting out of bed, no doubt about it. But where there’s a will there’s a way: I provided video content for the lovely gang at Diving Leisure Leeds  in exchange for my AOW qualification. They are such a top bunch for giving me the opportunity to do what I love – and I could do the same for Blue Season Bali. I’ll bring the pzazz and the punch – they can bring the ocean and the diving know-how!

I already blog and write about diving on my site The Adventure Girl’s Guide. I dedicate a lot of column inches to diving – both the exciting experiences and the more challenging ones, like when I found getting used to a dry suit really tough! I share my articles through social media like Facebook, Twitter and diving forums. Divers love a good debate and putting in their two pennies’ worth I’ve found, so it’s been a real joy to be part of it. In the few months since I started it, I’ve interviewed big names in diving like marine scientist Dr Andrea Marshall and diving TV personality Paul Rose. This shows my passion and respect for both diving and our waters – and just how much I want to make my life all about adventure.

I hope I’ve convinced you I’m the girl for the job, so please….

Send Karli to Bali!