Karli Drinkwater volunteering in marine conservationWho is this Adventure Girl giving us guides?

Thanks for taking a gander at The Adventure Girl’s Guide. If you have a curious spirit, love travel, adrenaline activities and constantly have your nose in a travel mag/supplement, then you might take a fancy to my musings.

I’m an unlikely candidate for adventure sports – I’m impatient and clumsy, but I give it a go anyway, which I hope will go some way to encouraging you to give something new a go too. Or you can just laugh at the scrapes I get into.

As you can read about in The Pursuit Of Adventure, I left my permanent job as a producer in London to embark on a whole new adventure. Join my travels and conservation efforts in between my new freelance career… Wish me luck.

So get involved in the conversation – whether you’re an armchair explorer, keen scuba diver or love being outdoors, I’d love to hear your comments on the articles as I post. As a Sea Champion for the Marine Conservation Society, I also write about saving the oceans, so I always love to read your thoughts on this pressing topic and get inspired by you.

It’s not just for girls.

The adventures and travels you read about on this blog are definitely for the boys too – this is no dib-dib dob-dobbing girl’s guide! It’s just called the Adventure Girl’s Guide because, well, I’m a girl. And I like adventure.

Want The Adventure Girl to write for you? Or do you fancy featuring on here?

Just head over to the contact page for details.



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