Sea Urchins: Creating Future Ocean Lovers

Sea Urchins magazine coverAlmost as inspiring as the oceans and the animals that live within are the people who take action to protect them.

Since learning to scuba dive and pursuing a love of marine conservation, I’ve been lucky enough to meet like-minded people, who stun me with their commitment to making a change.

One girl who’s turned it into her life’s project is Sam Hewitt; she’s created a new diving and oceans magazine for kids, that inspires the next generation to love the ocean enough to want to protect it too.

Sea Urchins is bold, bright and bursting with information on the curious creatures of the sea. And cleverly, Sam has enlisted a few celebrities to give the mag extra endorsement.

Making conservation cool is a key theme, which is helped by splashing stories about Stacey Solomon learning to dive across its pages. The singer and presenter was also there at the launch, held at the London Aquarium. This is what we need – celebs using their status to point a big flashing arrow towards saving our seas.

I’m so excited for the future of this magazine – adults are harder to persuade to change their habits. Tell someone who’s been having cod and chips on a Friday for 30 years that they need to choose alternative fish is a tough task. I know – I’ve done it and they just blink at you like you’ve asked them to wear pants on their head to work.

I reckon most humans don’t like change, but kids aren’t set in their ways and there’s a huge opportunity in that gift. Plus, it’s genuinely interesting. Sea Urchins slyly teaches kids marine biology and it shows how much beautiful sea life there is across the world and at home.

Just as the Olympics are currently ‘inspiring a generation’, so too does this brave little magazine.

The first issue is available in some stores, but you can download it too.

Sam tells me that the App has been downloaded in over 30 different countries by over 3000 people in just 2 weeks.

Here’s where you can get your copy:







A Girly Diver’s Hair Care

Love your locks – and don’t let it get in the way of an adrenaline-pumped adventure

You may think glamour and extreme sports are mutually exclusive, but I try to give both of them a good go.

As the glossy female Olympians have shown us this summer (Victoria Pendleton, Stephanie Rice and Daniela Hantuchova are just a few examples), you can be highly active and maintain sexy tresses.

Why should you have a pixie crop just because combing out tangles are a pain in the, well, scalp?

I’ve had extensions on and off for the past year now, and I love swishing and swooshing my hair. I can pull it back into a sleek ponytail for when I’m on the go and I can style it into tousled beach waves or tumbling curls depending on the occasion. I work in the media industry in London, so I guess I do feel a bit of pressure to look groomed.

But what about when it comes to diving and getting all this expensive hair drenched in seawater every day of a holiday?

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me – I look after my hair when abroad, diligently combing it through and washing it at the end of each day. But it has lately become so long that I’ve decided to get a few inches snipped off to make an upcoming dive adventure a little more manageable.

We plan on doing four dives a day, so I figure I’d give myself a break – spend less time combing and more time drying out on the deck and catching some rays.

I’ll still have to look after my extensions, though – but that’s a small ask for feeling great about your bouncy bonce and getting to plunge into the depths of the ocean every day.

Even without extensions, lady divers will know what a bugger it is to comb out tangles, keep split ends at bay and to maintain moisturised hair when you’re exposed to sun and sea.

So here are my tips to keeping a glossy mane during a saltwater getaway:

  • Go for a trim before your holiday to get rid of any split ends that could result in further breakage when exposed to sun/sea stress.
  • Rinse freshwater through your hair after every dive/dip in the sea.
  • If you’ve got super long hair – like I did on my last dive trip – plait your hair instead of just whacking it up in a bobble. It’s properly painful pulling it out and creates tearful tangles.
  • Wash your hair and apply a moisturising conditioner every evening.
  • A deep conditioning hair mask is worth indulging in at the end of the holiday to get it looking shiny again.
  • Go for a trim when you return home if you feel your hair has been overstressed.

Now all you need to pack are a sleek wetsuit and a light maxi dress – and you’re covered for your sporty-to-sophisticated look on an adventure holiday.

Stylishly scuba!


You’re saving our seas. Yes, you.


MCS TeeA heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported me in the MCS Big Swim.

You may have read all about the challenge in my last blog post – and as I knew when I was in the middle of fighting my way through the choppy waters of the Channel, it was your support that got me through.

And what amazing support it was.

The final figures are in – and you utterly generous lot donated a total of £418.00. And thanks to working for a ginormous company, that figure has been donation matched by an extra £300. Cheers, Sky. Raising over 700 quid for the Marine Conservation Society really is top bombing.

Want to know where it goes? Your granny wants to know what you’ve spent the tenner she popped in your birthday card on, so of course you’ll want to know where this pot of cash is going.

The MCS will use the support to lead the way in promoting sustainable fish choices to everyone. Over-fishing is a current and devastating problem and your donations will help them show how much tasty fish there is, that won’t harm our seas.

You have also helped them fight for pollution-free seas and litter-free coastlines. Agree trash looks nasty on natural beauty? Well it’s more than just aesthetics.

Thousands of seabirds and marine mammals die through swallowing or becoming entangled in rubbish – you’ve helped MCS enlist more volunteers to pick up the plastic and junk that’s choking our wildlife to death.

And you can also give yourself a hearty pat on the back for helping conserve endangered marine species. It’s hard to comprehend that just 0.002% of UK waters are protected, meaning that precious wildlife is in dire need of help so that fish stocks can recover.

Your kind donation is working right now to turn the tide on all the damage being done, creating a future for our oceans, a future for us.

Thank you.