Labyrinthitis – The (mis)Adventure Girl

Joy of joys! The room has finally stopped spinning and I can get back to sharing tales of travel and adventure with you. Sorry for the interval on the blog; I was suffering from Labyrinthitis following a diving trip to the Red Sea at the beginning of September. I know, it sounds like a medieval disease of torture doesn’t it? Well it sort of felt like it was – I spent weeks dizzy and spinning like a spinny thing on wheels because it’s a virus that affects your inner ear, the Labyrinth. There’s nothing you can do other than wait for the virus to clear and maybe take travel sickness drugs to combat the dizziness. At least it wasn’t DCI (Decompression Illness or ‘The Bends’), which is what I spent a few agonising hours fretting about following numerous calls to NHS Direct and hyperbaric chambers around the country.

So, now I’m not feeling and looking green and ready to take on the world again, it got me thinking about the injuries/illnesses of adventure sports and what would be enough to put you off. After weeks of feeling awful, a few people asked me if it would put me off diving. No way! But when is enough? What would stop you from getting stuck in to that exhilarating activity that you love? Or has it happened to you – have you now hung up your fins, skis, carabiners or parachute because of an unfortunate experience? Share your misadventures and how you coped with The Adventure Girl’s Guide.