Finding Your Balls


Photo by Karli Drinkwater
This is my last picture quote for a while, I promise! I found it helpful and thought you may like the sentiment too. Seen as the ethos of my blog is to go with all your heart and balls, I reckoned this was a good reminder. And getting through things you think you can’t will make you fierce and strong in the end, so I’m going to keep on going with all my heart. And, yes, my balls. 


Keep Breathing


Photo by Karli Drinkwater
I was recently told that humans are meaning-makers as a way of getting through the hard times, when sometimes there is no meaning. Bad things happen. We lose.

So maybe it helps to remember the basics of getting through each day, without looking ahead to something much bigger and overwhelming. I created this from part of Tom Hanks’s final missive in the film Castaway. I love the ocean reference and the thought that something could happen to turn things around when you feel like there’s no hope.

Coral Farming: Building New Reefs and New Futures

For a couple of years now, I’ve been giving MCS Sea Champion workshops to universities, community groups and clubs. They’ve all left me feeling warm about humankind; the participants have been genuinely interested, even if that’s meant challenging me and asking questions I’ve sometimes had to research afterwards, and give a fuller answer at a later date.

I’m learning all the time, which I’d say is probably true of even those on the front line of marine conservation. As a volunteer, I’m constantly expanding my knowledge about such a vast subject and enjoying the process as a diversion from my profession.

One of the ways I’ve shown how I get actively involved, which gives real colour to my storytelling, is to play this video that was created during my time on Koh Tao. Coral farming was one important aspect of the conservation efforts on the island. We gave coral fragments, that would have otherwise perished in the sand, another chance at creating life, by using them to create artificial reefs. These in turn, and in time, will create habitats for marine life. It all adds up to creating biodiversity, which ultimately is necessary for humans to survive too.

So take a look at this mini-docu to see how we helped create new life. If you’re a diver, give this a go! Give something back to the ocean to say thanks for all the amazing memories and experiences it gives us.