Plastic Oceans: There Is No Away

Drowning in plastic
Drowning in plastic ©

This weekend I headed to Whale Fest in Brighton, an event fighting for the survival of whales and dolphins.

One of the poignant themes of the day was the amount of plastic in our oceans – and how marine litter is killing our planet’s precious lifeline. I helped with the MCS workshop, teaching visitors about the effects our effluence has on marine life; the lasting impact of mankind’s destructive behaviour never fails to shock me.

And what really rammed that home was the Plastic Oceans Foundation. This charity is fighting to reduce plastic pollution – and they know how to get that message across to each and every one of us.

They’re currently creating a documentary and enlisting celebrities to tell the powerful story of our deadly obsession with plastic. The facts are terrifying in their simplicity. 4.7 million tonnes of plastic purges into our oceans every year. As a result, 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year.

And if you don’t give a toss about earth’s creatures, then think of yourself and your children. Hundreds of billions of plastic particles are contaminating our oceans and entering the food chain. That means plastic particles may find their way inside you, inside your children. And scientists have associated this with various health complications including cancer, diabetes, low sperm count and, wait for it, genital defects.

When people ask me, “Why should I care about the oceans? They just wash away the rubbish”. Well where do you think ‘away’ is, exactly? There is no away. And here to explain the facts is highly respected Ocean Scientist, Dr. Sylvia Earle, who has got involved with the Plastic Oceans documentary.

She says it like it is. Without the oceans, life, our lives, would not exist. We have to care and we have to act now.

For more facts, and how you can reverse the plastic tide, take a look at Plastic Ocean’s website.


Get Social With The Sea Champions

Championing the seas in the southParish notice, oceans lovers.

The MCS Sea Champions for the South and South East now have a Facebook page!

Excellent for finding out what we’re up to all across the region and a chance for you to share your suggestions and event ideas. If you think there’s something we should know about, could be doing as a team or you simply want a chat, just fire us a post.

We can only make a difference with your involvement, so give us a like.

Plus there might be some cute pictures of seals. Everyone loves a cute pinniped photo.