Getting goodies for the writing gig

It’s starting to pay off. Writing for my blog and offering to write for other websites has taken me one step closer to achieving the dream and filling my coffers. Ok so I haven’t been paid anything yet, but I have received my first freebies for my travel scribblings. The Adventure Girl’s Guide’s regular readers might remember my Glamping tales, which was then picked up by camping and outdoors website, Campr. In return for using my experiences on their site, I was promised some camping goodies.

I think I was possibly more excited about what I’d receive in the post than getting some moolah. Maybe. Well I sat by the letterbox for a while, waiting for my outdoors treats to plop onto the doormat. My photojournalist coach, Brendan, even wrote a post about the perils of being a freelance writer and how it’s not so uncommon to get let down after being made promises.

I thought this would be just something I’d put down to experience and am expecting many more disappointments to come in the competitive market that is the travel journalism world. But here’s where I learned about the true power of social media. Experts, columnists and commentators talk about harnessing the power of social media endlessly – I see tweets about the subject every day. And lo and behold, after I shared Brendan’s link online about my latest hurdles in getting published, look who responded…

Hi Brendan James from Campr here. Just wanted to say Karli’s camping pack is going in the post on Monday! It did get forgotten and I’m really sorry about that. She wrote a great article and it deserves far more than a few camping bits. Happy to do anything we can to help her along the way!

I'm sorted if I ever get locked out the house now

Ah har! You have a little whine to the World Wide Web and you see results. And true to his word, the goodies arrived a couple of days later. Hopping with all the excitement of a child opening their stocking on Christmas morning (I still do that, no need to pretend I’m not a child really), I tore open my parcel to discover a survival sack, tent pegs, a disposable hand warmer and a multifunctional camping tool – a bit like a beginner’s Swiss Army knife. It was a great feeling to know that something I’d put effort in to write had been enjoyed and was being rewarded.

I’m getting nearer to receiving some cash for my articles – I wonder what I’ll do with it…