Nahla: She’s A Rotty-Lab-Staffy Cross

You chat to anyone with a dog. People strike up conversation with you about them, what their name is, how old they are, they’ll talk to the dog a bit… I think dog owners are a bit like parents, in that we think our dog is gorgeous and special. But I really think Nahla is.


The usual opening line is, “What breed is she?”, sometimes followed by, “What do you feed her, then?” or “Are you going to have puppies from her?”

So, welcome to the blog officially, beautiful Nahla. If you’re wondering, she’s a Rotty-Lab-Staffy cross. A line I trot out on practically every walk, as she garners such interest. I have the same conversation about her not being a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Every. Day.

Her mum was a Rotty and her dad was, apparently, a lab-staffy cross. We saw her mum in the rescue shelter and the rest is speculation.

My furry travel friend and all-round nut-job.