Review: Navy Spot Oil Cloth Constellation Luggage

If you spend your life living out of a suitcase, like I seem to, regardless of the purpose being work, pleasure or both, it’s important to have some reliable luggage that can cope with you battering it about.

Not only is durability a priority for me, I am a girl, so I like to cart my life around in something pretty.

Constellation Airport Lounge
The cabin size case is packed full of travel style
As I write this, I’m waiting for a flight to Indonesia, where I’ll be running this blog from while I become a PADI dive professional (writing that made me smile, but I’m papping it). So, this is the perfect road test – or air, moped and donkey test – for the latest luggage range to come from Constellation.

They offer pretty, floral designs, which are lovely and ditzy-cutesy, but I liked the look of the Navy Spot Oil Cloth Collection the best: I do love a polka dot print and I thought this design was a perfect mix of cute and chic.

Coming in a set of three, you can buy them as separate pieces or the whole range if you want your cabin size case to match your weekend case, to match your two-week holiday case.

All 3 cases stack neatly inside each other for easy storage
Three cases stack neatly inside each other for easy storage
As I need to transport all my dive gear out there, something that can cope with heavy kit and keep it safe throughout the journey is paramount. The largest piece of luggage out of the three was more than ample enough for me to fit in all my equipment – and it felt sturdy enough to protect it. I’ll let you know when I get to the other side whether everything is still in one piece…

The dive clobber fits in perfectly
The dive clobber fits in perfectly
If you’re just packing pants and swimmers though, the largest suitcase really is roomy enough for you to take everything you’d need for your holibobs, including all your make-up bags and toiletries.

I managed to ram my cabin size case full to the brim with more equipment too, so that I can still work out there while I dive. It coped with heavy laptops, kindles, microphones, headphones, plus a change of clothes, magazines, make-up and endless trivial nonsense absolutely necessary for travel.

The cases really did look nifty stacked up next to each other and are easy to wheel about. The handles are nicely padded too, so no swearing needed as you heave them out of cars and onto trollies. Having a cabin-size regulation case also gave me peace of mind that I wouldn’t have a Meet-The-Parents-style argument at the check-in desk or on the aeroplane.

Constellation Close-Up

If I had to pick a snag about these cases, it’d be the little padlocks that come with it. Better to get some heavyweight padlocks if you want to ensure those baggage handlers don’t rummage through your smalls. But you’re not about to buy luggage based on padlocks, really…

If you’re looking for pretty patterns in your travelware that can cope with lugging your life around, this is a choice that marries style, affordability and practicality.

Please note: this luggage set was donated to The Adventure Girl’s Guide for review.

Constellation Logo-04


2 thoughts on “Review: Navy Spot Oil Cloth Constellation Luggage

  1. Great review, Karli! I’m on the look out for new luggage as ours has given up the ghost after 3.5 years of being unceremoniously hauled on and off trains, planes, taxis, up and down stairs, cobblestones and other random places. I’ll check this out for sure… But most importantly, I want to wish you the very best luck on your Bali travels! Stay safe and I look forward to following your adventures!! Xx


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