Continuing The Adventure

Quote by Bryan W Proctor, photo by Karli Drinkwater
Quote by Bryan W Proctor, photo by Karli Drinkwater

I think I’m just about seeing straight again after the most amazing few months.

My last post, The Pursuit Of Adventure, made me giddy with anticipation and excitement. And the reactions to me leaving my job to discover something new warmed the cockles of my heart – I was starting a new journey with so much support.

I’ve lived abroad before and I’ve done some terrifying/exciting things, but the whole experience of travelling around, getting yourself somewhere new, deciding what to see next, where you’ll sleep next, how you’ll eat next, was liberating and made me feel alive. For the first time in a while, I felt fully calm and at ease with myself. Thinking back to my last night before flying home, sat in a bar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I remember revelling in the sensation that I’d truly lived and seen.

On reflection, I wish I’d taken my laptop travelling with me so I could fully update you from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. But not having it with me meant I spent the whole time soaking up experiences, rather than tapping away. I decided to document my adventures when I could squeeze it in, on a boat, bus or hammock, old-school style – with a notebook and pen. The old iPhone allowed me to quickly send you snapshots of the places I went and the conservation work I was doing – keep up with my microblogging on Facebook and Twitter, if you don’t already. Social media plug, done.

I loved the marine conservation project and bimbling about with a rucksack so much. I wasn’t ready to go – nine weeks of travel merely whetted my appetite. I’ll be reliving some of my escapades here and, now that I’m back in the UK, I’ve been beavering away at getting my freelance career off the ground… which also means some exciting developments for The Adventure Girl’s Guide!

Are you interested in working together? Head over to the contact page and get in touch!


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